RockinRoll is an addictive action/puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod Touch that is simple to learn but difficult to master.

Based on traditional matching games, RockinRoll brings everyone's favorite puzzle play to a new level. Using the iPhone platform's tilt functionality, RockinRoll brings a new style of gameplay to the traditional puzzle setting. Simply tilt the screen to control the falling stones to make three of the same kind touch and disappear. Randomly dropping fireballs and other powerups create maximum explosiveness while adding to the score.

  • Tilt-to-play functionality
  • Three levels of difficulty - great for kids but hard enough to challenge even the most seasoned gamer
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Advanced physics simulation
  • High score tracking
  • Color blindness mode
  • New Powerup!
  • Better Graphics!
  • Kittens!!! (Really!)


"Interestingly, RockinRoll is not a music game. Instead, it's one of the most unique takes on a Match-3 game we have seen." - Slide To Play

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