"RockinRoll" is a game of physics, gravity, and pattern matching. As you play the game, ten different patterned stones will drop out of the three holes at the top of the screen. These stones are affected by gravity, and they are controlled by tilting the screen from side to side while holding it vertically. (When playing in Easy mode, there are only nine stones).

When three or more of the same kind of stone touch each other, they will all disappear and add to your score. Each stone that disappears is worth twice as many points as the last one, up to 256 points each. After three seconds pass without any stones disappearing, the next stone will again be worth only one point.

In addition to the ten normal types of stone, there are three special types:

picture of a bomb stone

Bombs will explode five seconds after they drop, causing all the stones in the immediate area to disappear.

picture of a star stone

Stars remove all the stones of a particular type, which is determined by the first stone the star touches.

picture of a magma stone

Magma stones burn through everything, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.

Stones will fall progressively faster as the game proceeds. The game is over when a stone overlaps one of the holes at the top of the screen.

RockinRoll supports players who suffer from certain kinds of color perception deficiency with a stone set that was designed to be easier to see. To select the alternate stone set, tap the ? from the main menu, and then tap the style button.

The game may be paused by tapping the screen with two fingers.